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I have a confession to make.

Come closer.


Here it is.   A glass or two of red isn’t the only thing I like to go around borrowing from people.   I am also completely addicted to emotion-leeching.   You lot rarely realise just how fascinating your crazy histrionic emotional reactions to – well – anything, can be to us.   We just couldn’t give a shit about the little things your race would rip each other apart over.   It’s completely riveting.

Hi.   My name’s Jonathon8, and I’m an addict.

We’re not talking the little mopey schoolyard teen-fiction kinds of melodrama here – you know how I feel about those.   Oh no.   We’re talking the ‘would slice up your dear old grandmother with the broken bottle of her own asprin’ kind of emotions.   It’s brilliant.  

Look for me.  

I’m the kid cheering the wankers on in the beer bottle fight outside the dodgy bar, the driver on your right hemming in your tail-gater to bring on a new level of road rage, the grinning bystander at the bitch fight in the mall for the last bargain placemat, the guy pissing himself laughing over the couple screaming at each other in the street because he/she slept with him/her/her mother/his brother/the neighbour’s pekinese…

Blood sports.   My kind of spectator event.   Fucking love it.

All the kinds of stuff they can’t even show you on reality tv shows because it ends up in full-on bloodshed (though I’d be fine with that).   So Jonathon is hooked and intrigued and sucking it up, but let me tell you – he sure as hell doesn’t get it.   You see, we kill for fun and for lunch.   Pleasure and sustenance – the obvious basic survival needs.   But – revenge?   Anger?   Love?   Religion?   Politics?   (that one cracks me up)   Humanity is seriously fucked up.   I’m always amused at how quick you are to label the weirdos and the freaks and the monsters – and then you say we can’t see our own reflections?   When it comes down to it, I reckon we place more value on human life than you do.   At least we’re looking to quietly maintain a sustainable food source.

So on Monday, right, Kane and I are hanging out in the streets after school.   Kane suddenly grabs my arm and says “Shit, man – look at that!”   So I look, and across the road is a gang of little kids kicking this homeless guy on the ground.   Someone’s mom comes out of one of the apartments and yells, and the kids run for it.   Guy’s still moving, apparently not dead, so she looks, goes back in, and shuts the door.   The kids run past us, and I collar one of them, who spits and hisses like a strangled kitten as I haul him up.  

“What did you do that for?” I ask.   He probably thought I was a moralizing and concerned citizen.   Nup.   Just totally curious.

“Kicks,” he says.

I drop him, he aims a punch, looks into my eyes – thinks better of it.   Runs.   Quickly.

I am never going to get human motivations.   So insanely erratic and unpredictable and bloody-minded.   But like I say – the ultimate addictive viewing.   Humanity, sick bastard that it is, is fascinating.   And, clearly for you and fortunately for me, expendable.




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  1. Poor homeless dude… 😦 people are sick.

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