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There were these two guys, right.

Grew up together. Wrestled and argued and broke stuff and shared insults, and loved each other better than brothers, man.   Then one day, one killed the other.

The end.


Fraternity can fucking suck, boys and girls.   Take it from me.   But any kind of sibling relationship also has this weird dynamic, yeah?   I see it all the time.

Rivalry, sure.   Bitterness, resentment, jealousy, pent-up anger.   But they’re brothers, you know?   So somehow all that crap can simmer away somewhere and that’s all right.   Almost – normal.   It’s not pretty – none of that bromance bullshit about this.   But it’s solid, if you get what I mean.    Hell, they wouldn’t be brothers if it was all ‘nice’.   I get the whole “blood brothers” thing, really: the pact that totally hurts to make, the whole bloodlines and shared scars stuff.   ‘Blood is thicker than the watery emotional crap’ idea, yeah?


Kane came over today.   We’d been avoiding each other at school.   Made lunch times and spare period dull as shit.   But he hadn’t answered any calls, so I’d been telling myself that if he didn’t want a bloody apology for bailing on him to party with Py, what did I care?  

We weren’t like brothers, or anything.   None of that fraternal human attachment stuff I was talking about.   No way.   I don’t do that shit anymore – you grow out of it pretty damn fast.   Kane is all right – just someone to hang with who didn’t annoy me much.   And can be really funny sometimes.   And is always game for whatever messed-up shit we could come up with to amuse ourselves at the expense of others.

Whatever.   Somone else would do.   There’s always someone else, somewhere else.   And I gotta tell you – I don’t even remember most of the names, most of the time.   Mostly couldn’t give a shit, either.

But right now it was Kane, and out of the blue he turns up at my place.  

So I say “Hey”, and he says, “Hey”.   And he comes in as usual and picks up a controller and takes up the game where I left off (Infamous – my new fav).   And I sit on the couch too, and put my feet up on the table as well, and give tips.   And he finishes this one bit, and I take over, and he opens the doritoes and helps himself to Coke (I supposedly keep it in the fridge for ‘Eddie’ to wash down whatever else he’s meant to be drinking lately), and warns me when bad guys appear and grunts in approval when I take them down.

And while we’re playing (and occasionally flicking doritoes at the Cat when it sits on the TV and does its best windscreen wiper impersonation with its tail over the screen), we have bits of conversation.


Kane: (casually) Fucking helluva fortnight, huh?   There’s a dude around the corner there.

Jonathon: (playing rapidly) Got it – man, those ones are bloody fast.   Yeah – really fucked-up fortnight.   What with the neighbours and all.   And that friend I had coming round that weekend was a real pain the neck in the end.

Kane: (crunching doritoes) Oh yeah?   You need some more energy.   Use the fuse box there.

Jonathon: Yeah. (replenishes energy and kills lots of enemies – NB. I’m fucking brilliant at this game.)


Jonathon: (more casually) And that party was a waste of fucking time in the end.

Kane: Oh yeah? (stretches and yawns)   I heard Terminator Salvation was kinda shit too.

Jonathon: Huh.   It all went to hell when Arnie went into fucking politics.   So lame.   We should wait for it on DVD maybe.   (The Cat jumps on the table and gets in the way)

Kane: Yeah, I reckon. (pushes the Cat off with his foot and holds out his hand for the controller)   It’s my turn.   Pass it over, loser.   You can’t play this game for shit.


We’re back.




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