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I hear the sound of the car’s impact.

I don’t look right away.   I know what’s happened.   I shut the lid of the bin, and wipe my hands on my jeans, and set my face solidly in the darkness, and turn around resignedly.

Sure enough, under the streetlight there’s a horrified middle-aged lady getting out of her car, hand to her mouth – and a messy rumpled pile of fur in the middle of the road behind the vehicle.   I walk calmly down the path, and she looks up at me wide-eyed and stuttering, one hand on the back of the car for support: “I – I didn’t even see it.   I mean, it was dark – I couldn’t even see it until it was too late – I couldn’t – couldn’t stop.   And the wheel – I felt it go right over – I didn’t see it – it just, it just…”

My voice is cool and soothing.

“Doesn’t matter, lady.   It was only some stray that had been hanging about.   I reckon it was half-dead anyway.   No-one owned it, or anything – it wasn’t like  it was – someone’s pet.   Nah.   You probably put it out of its misery.   No way you could have missed it – stupid little shit clearly ran right out in front of you, pardon the expression.”

There’s only a little audible gravel when I say “stupid little shit”, but she doesn’t hear.

I reassure her I’ll clean it up, and it  wasn’t her fault – could’ve happened to anyone, and shouldn’t she be getting home since it’s so late? and drive safe now – and off she goes.   Driving very carefully away.

And I stand in the moonlight, in the middle of the street, over the fucking dumbass Cat that went and turned itself into ruffled broken roadkill, and is now the cause of me cleaning up two corpses in the one night – and they weren’t even my mess.  

Fuck.   Fuck it.

Nothing but trouble.   Yeah.   Yeah.   Stupid little mother-fucker.   Good riddance.


And that’s the fucking dumbass Cat twitches.

And blinks.

And sits up, arching its back creakingly.

And looks at me.





  1. Nine lives man.

  2. You expected me to believe that a cat who survived a vampire could be bested by a car? Really?

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