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Today I had a history test.   Okay, yes – I often take history class.   I enjoy having the unfair advantage.

Mind you, the idea of actually learning history always seems fucking ludicrous to us.   It would be like you sitting down to an exam paper with questions like: Who did you invite to your 11th birthday? and What was the name of that waitress who served you coffee yesterday? and Where were you the day Michael Jackson joined the cast of Thriller for real?   HIStory: the trivial study and consumption of past petty details for random regurgitation.   My lot are living proof  (so to speak) that history isn’t ‘dead’ –  in fact, it’s clearly very much the opposite.   Undead, even.   Because it’s not all ‘days of long ago’ for us – it feels like fucking yesterday.

So having to memorise memories: fucking surreal.


Plus we pretty much don’t give a shit about the ‘big’ events that human historians get so worked up about.   Okay – that’s not quite true.   There are few connoisseurs among us, but your equivalent would be cattle breeder or hobby farmer.   Or maybe scary old cat lady.   I mean – from our perspective, if you’re one of us and studying mankind’s crawl up from the primordial swamps,  it’s either business, a geeky pastime, or you’re a fucking looney.  


And yes, since you’re asking.   We do have a few of the latter.   Duh.   It’s not like everyone deals well when faced their own immortality.   In fact we sometimes have to ‘intervene’ with those sorts if they start fucking around and making more bloody mess than the rest of us are willing to keep cleaning up…

In fact, I remember this one time, Py and I

You see, when I first died

Well.   Amelia used to say


Anyway.   History.   I’ve accumulated a hell of a lot of it, and a stupid high school test about it was quite enough fucking remembering for one day, thanks very much.




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  1. I’d love to hear more about this Amelia girl..

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