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One night, Jonathon8 and the Cat got ready for for a very special job.

Do you know what they did?

They left the tv blaring and the lights on in the house.

They turned off the lights outside the house, and very quietly left through the back window.

And they settled down in the dark to wait.


Because, you see, everyone, Jonathon8 and the Cat have had a visitor the last few nights.   Not a very polite visitor though, boys and girls.    He never knocks, or asks to come in, or even shows his face.   And that’s not how to be a good visitor, is it now?   Maybe our visitor needs to learn a few manners!

Hey – can you say ‘stalker’, kids?   That’s a funny word, isn’t it?   But that’s not the visitor’s name, – oh, no.   That’s his job.   But being a stalker is a pretty tough job sometimes.   They work really hard but sometimes it can takes ages for them to get what they deserve.   Don’t worry though!   Luckily it always catches up with them in the end.  

Guess what then?   Tonight, Jonthon8 and the Cat are going to finally meet their visitor.   Won’t that be fun?   They’ve been watching for him the last few nights, but he’s a tricky one, boy and girls!   But not as tricky as Jonathon8 and the Cat are!   Because they’re all ready tonight, and they’re going to sit outside in the dark right now and wait until he arrives.   Won’t that be fun?   And when he gets here, Jonathon8 and the Cat are going teach their new friend just what happens to people who wanted to be a stalker when they grew up.   Oh yes, they will.


Won’t that be fun?




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