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Amelia wants to play again.

I could leave.    Just pack up and go.   Imagine.   Pam arrives to clean the house to find fictional guardian ‘Eddie’ (who she never met but fervently believed in), and that disturbing young man (who her daughter Jenna has a crush on) have flown the bat cave.   Kane tries for a while to hunt me down, but is a less successful stalker than me or my recent night visitor who prompted this.   He swears a bit, gets into gaming more viciously for a while, and ultimately forgets.   School wipes the slate clean with relief, and fish-boy Mitch never knows any better.   Amelia looks in vain.  

Yeah, right.   Amelia never looks in vain.   It’s only ever a matter of time.

I could try and contact Py.   I mean – last time he was around when Amelia arrived, so it was different.   But the bastard fucked off after that crazy weekend we had last month, and I haven’t heard from him since.   Fucker.   Wouldn’t even know where to start searching for him.

I could of course hole up here and wait for the onslaught.   Great.   Nice one, Jonathon.   Being proactive is so over-rated.   Way better to just sit quietly and let the mayhem come to you.   Yeah.   Good plan, wanker.

I could always find Amelia first.   If I had a death-wish, that is.


Gather info.   That’s the thing.   Reconnaissance.   Find the minion, and make him talk more.   Keep your fiends close and your Amelias closer.   Yes.   Yes.

Wish me happy hunting.




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