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Once upon a time.

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who lived quietly at home with her mother.   She was an only child and led a happy foolish life of little pleasures and small daydreams.

One day, a young man arrived.   He looked like the other boys she had known, but somehow she felt more for him than them.   His laugh was dark and he smelled dangerous.   She wished he would see her – she made excuses to speak to him, and wore warm red clothes to catch his eye, but he seemed never to notice she was alive.

Until one night he made a choice.   A selfish, careless, deadly choice that had its own magic to change breath into stillness and colour into white.

That night, she had a new kind of dream.   She dreamt of a dark angry predator who saw red, and knew she was alive, and crossed her path.


And when she woke up, she was dead.




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