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What is Amelia?

Don’t you start trying to map fucking human family models and morals onto this, right?   Don’t even start.   It doesn’t work, okay? – we don’t have family structures or relationships or obligations.   Dunno why fiction loves developing these little ‘communities’ and social heirarchies and weird shit like that for us.   Families in Twilight, politics and police states in True Blood, class structures in Anne Rice mythology, harems in Dracula and The Hunger, gangs in The Lost Boys, bloody Romeos and Juliets in Vampire Academy and Vampire Diaries and Underworld…   You can probably think of a dozen more, kids.  

All bullshit.   With us, there’s no leader, there’s no class, no superiority of age or power, no sense of history or geneology.   No wedlock, no love lost, no parenting, no ancestry.   Why the fuck would there be?

We just are what the hell we are.   That’s it.   We’re not domestic, or pack animals, or governmental, or monogamous, or paternal.   All those things are your constructions for your little social circles and cultural cliques and racial stereotypes.   We honestly couldn’t give a fuck.   We’re just us.   I’m just me.

Because – well, look.  

Immortality.   Ageless.   Inhumane.   Are you getting this?   We don’t die, we have no concept of elders as revered or respected.   Why would we?  

We’re not a bloody superhero league, dickheads – no-one has some mythical extra-special powers that make them the head honcho.  

We don’t have schmultzy empathetic complicated human emotions.   Couldn’t care less what happens to our neighbour – that’s their problem.   Some notion of friendship among peers, I guess? – for fun, for occasional solidarity, for shared massacres, for random sex.   Though okay, I’ll admit this – sometimes it’s not so easy shaking off old habits.   Learned human traits can hang around a while, but they’re not inherent.   So maybe for a time you might think you need a mentor, or a buddy, or a romance – but it’s all echoes of the kind of shit you no longer have to bother with.   You get over it.   You are something new – untethered, un-fucking-limited.   Play at everything, take things and tire of them, fuck the world and everyone in it literally and figuratively, if you bloody want.   Anarchy and autonomy – fucking brilliant.   I love the smell of freedom in the evening.


So what is Amelia?   You’re still trying on nice little human categories for size there, aren’t you?   Wankers.   Okay – fine then.   Here it is.   Amelia is my mother and my father and my deity and my lover and my sister in blood and my partner in crime.   She’s my creator and my tormenter, my master and my mistress, and my reflection and myself.

Go on – I know what hit you out of that.   Incest – oo, now there’s a neat mortal sin to pluck from this…   Pathetic.   Incest for you is bad because it’s poor Darwinian genetics and because your society is based on a core family-structure that designates useful roles.   Fucking irrelevant here, my friends.   No family ties and no genetic reproduction.   The blood lines drawn are only of blood, not in the blood.   Look – are you keeping up here?


Amelia is what she is.   Well.   She used to be.




One Comment

  1. Amelia sounds intriguing.

    Those ‘human’ constructs. I think those are our fault really; we came up with them first and taught them to the younger race. It’s worked out for them. Such things have been useful. Most of the time.
    Sorry about that.

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