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I dreamt of Amelia last night.   Again.   What the fuck is with that?


This time we were back in Venice.   Who knows why.   I guess Amelia did like Venice – she once joked she was the stunt double in Don’t Look Now.   Red coat, you know.   When I saw the film, I found the analogy pretty bloody disturbing in the end – if you’re a movie buff, you’ll know what I mean.   Well.   I think she was joking.

So – in Venice.   We were actually there for a while, you know.   Together.   I’ll point out now the thing about vampires not being able to cross water is pretty damn funny.   Actually came across one of our lot working as a gondelier – he did special two-for-one deals for romantic midnight cruises, and in a city of lovers, the occasional pair going missing garnered less attention than you’d think.   Mind you, he was kind of clever.   Often kept one for later, always paid their hotel bills and collected their baggage to resell.   Smart.

Okay.   Yes.   I am avoiding telling the fucking dream story.

We were in Venice.   Well, I was.   Walking down one of the cobbled streets that ended at the water, and there she is, impossibly clear in the white cold moonlight, her red hood fallen back and her elbows leaning nonchalantly on the footbridge balastrade over the canal.  Too fucking picture-perfect, even for her.   Staged.   Ridiculous – pft.    And she smiles, and I blink involuntarily, and she’s gone – the bridge is empty.

And then hands grab my hair and grip my shoulder from behind, and there is a quick intake of breath at my ear, and then blood on the cobbles and in the canal, and the pain is an older memory, and Amelia’s face is no longer familiar, and for a moment I remember something else? – but the horror is that it then washes away.   And it’s a dream, so she can move too fast, and suddenly I’m not sure whether it’s me attacking her maybe, and what the fuck am I thinking?


And then claws rake my arm, because I’ve flung the Cat off the foot of the bed, and there’s bright lines of light around the window shades, and Jonathon has a math test he didn’t study for and Kane’s picking him up for school in twenty minutes.


Amelia’s always been a nightmare.




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