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Before you ask – Py hasn’t arrived, okay?   No developments there.   I’m not thinking about it – deal with it when the shit actually hits the fan.

For now though, there’s another problem.   Pam the housekeeper came over this morning for work.   That’s not the problem.   She brought Jenna her pre-teen daughter with her. That’s annoying (as Jenna has a thing for me), but not a problem.   She asked me to walk Jenna to school.   That’s a pain in the ass, but not a problem.

Jenna talking to me all the way to school?   That’s a fucking problem.   It begins…

Jenna: “How was, like, your weekend?”

[I recall the drunken antics I observed Friday and the party insanity I witnessed Saturday]

J8: “Um, yeah, pretty good.   Not much happened.   How about you?”

Jenna: “Oh, I just like, had, like, this thing that I was doing, and…”

[I blissfully tune out and wonder if Carly, princess-like, will deign to still speak to Kane after the weekend…]

Jenna: “…don’t you think?”

[I nod absently and wonder if anyone’s found the body of that liquor store dude from Friday night yet…]

Jenna: “…and she said, like, ‘Oh my GOD, I can’t believe you, like, said…'”

[I concentrate harder on not thinking about Py’s message or yet another Amelia nightmare I had last night…]

Jenna: “… so he totally, like, never called her, and she, like, really liked him.   It was full-on.”

She looks over at me expectantly, and I make a few assenting noises.   We reach school, the bell is ringing, and we go to part ways.

Jenna: “Thanks, like, for walking with me… Oh – Jonathon?”

[I suppress a sigh.   Hell.   This girl is the queen of the ‘just one more thing’ thing… I’m going to be fucking late for class again.]

J8: “Yep?”

Jenna: “So – Mom was working at your place, like, last week, and she nearly, like, found the snaplock bags you threw in the kitchen trash, instead of, like, putting them in the outside bin like, you, like, usually do?…   Don’t worry – I totally said, like, ‘Oh, I’ll do that, Mom,” and closed the lid so she didn’t see the, like, blood and stuff…   But, like – you should totally be more careful, right?   Mom’s pretty cluey sometimes.   She’s already kinda, like, suspicious about your dirty clothes not being sweaty or your fridge always being, like, empty, or how Eddie is, like, never around…   I mean, like – yeah, Jonathon.   You totally don’t want her to, like, actually find out about you being a vampire, right…?   Anyway.   Bye.”




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