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So Py is on his way to ‘visit’.

And Jenna knows what I am.

Then there’s Kane.


The boy is ‘in love’, for fuck’s sake.   I mean, it’s one thing to have a party fling, see some action and indulge some lust.   It’s quite another to become a personal lap dog.   Ever since hooking up with Carly on the weekend, Kane has been super-glued to her side.   I gotta say – that in itself is kind of a minor miracle.   As a school princess, Carly usually tows an entourage about with her, but they’ve always been shiny pretty Barbie and Ken dolls like her.   It’s surreal as hell to see her standing around the corridors at school with grim, lanky Kane: he in black hoodie and torn jeans and wild shock of hair, she with impractical shoes, salon stylings – and pastels.   Pastels.   I’d say they were Beauty and the Beast, but I’m seriously not sure which one looks scarier.

Anyway – this is hot gossip at school, and as the new romantic couple they’re either being derided or deified.   And here’s the saddest thing.   They couldn’t possibly give a shit.   They’re painfully, obliviously, blissfully happy, and Jonathon can’t help cursing Kane’s momentary lapse in misanthropy when he made a gentlemanly gesture to a weeping bleeding party girl, because – oh, fuck it.

I am having one shitty week.




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