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Just got another text from Py

First Amelia, now some
child knows about u. U
know far better, Johnny.
This needs 2 stop. Now.
Don’t enjoy having 2 come
over & clean up ur mess.
Very inconvenient. Plus
public diary is becoming
cultural liability – it ends.
Don’t think of publishing
this correspondence. PY


Clean up my mess?   After the last time we got together and the ‘inconvenience’ you left me to deal with?   Fuck you, Py.   And you don’t know anything about how it was with Amelia, you bastard.   You never have – don’t forget it was your ass I saved last time she was rampaging.   I’ll do whatever the fuck I want, and I can bloody look after myself.   And no amount of vague threats or grim texts or ‘interventions’ is going to stop me.

I’d say go to hell, but it’s fucking redundant.




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