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Okay, so I’m in the computer lab at school – keeping a wary eye out.   It’s not like Ms. D is very fearsome after having faced Py like I’d never seen him before, but I’m still not anxious to call attention here, okay?

Shut up.   Of course it’s me.   Fuck off.  

And yeah – I’m fine.   Don’t be so bloody sentimental.

My stuff isn’t so great, though.   After just 36 hours, house is pretty wrecked – and Py fucking broke my laptop in two, and crushed up my iphone, since you’re asking.   Hence being reduced to a quick word during daylight hours until I’m back online at home…

But Py has gone.   After all the fucking dread and melodrama (geez – what was with his ‘portents of doom’ on Twitter, for fuck’s sake?) – he’s done.   Nothing like a close call to put things back into some bloody perspective.   See, I finally told him about Amelia, but it didn’t end like I thought, because…

Aw, what?   Come on – you’re kidding me?   Shit.  

Gotta go, dammit.   Next class.   TBC fucking soon – I’m sure as hell hitting electronics departments in the mall after this…




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  1. Grrr.. It is that great.. And screw Py..

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