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When Py arrived the other night, he walked in without knocking or saying a word, came over to where I was standing up from the couch, took my Iphone from my hand and crushed it in his, then shoved me back down to sit.

I swear – I had never seen him look like that.   In all the fucked-up excursions and blood baths we’d ever shared together, Py never looked like that.   He’s usually languid and elegant, yeah? –  even at his most vicious.   His menace had always been lazy, bored even.   Until he actually strikes.

But now – shit.   Some kind of emotion was full-on emanating from him, but his face was cold and still and I couldn’t even fucking tell what the emotion was.   Fury? blood lust? despair?   What the hell was that?

I went to get up from the couch again, and he deliberately dropped the remains of the Iphone and grabbed me by the shirt front.   And this is weird – I could have objected, broken free, fought back, but – nup.   Nothing.   See – I was so bloody fascinated.   Human emotions – you know I love watching that shit.   Disproportionate, erratic, unpredictable.   Soap opera liveth, man.   But this – fuck, this was something else, and I was totally absorbed, like the snake-charmer who’s forgotten his purpose for a moment and just admires his handiwork.   I didn’t want to interrupt this – didn’t want to break the spell.   Hell, no.   I wanted to see it play out.

So he shook me and I let him, and then dragged me into his gaze and I looked back.   Maybe this was impending death – but shit, it was mesmerising.

He got some mastery back and said, very low:

“Tell me you didn’t.”


I seriously had to stop and think for a moment.   Didn’t what?   Publish his text messages, take down Jenna, stop blogging?

Kill Amelia.   Oh.


“Yeah, man.   I did.   Had to.   She was out of control, dude – immortality must have finally got to her.   She’d lost the bloody plot, and…”

He said, very deliberately:

“Shut.   The fuck.   Up.”

I did, and waited – kind of excited, even.   Maybe this was the end of the fucking story of Jonathon8, right here.   Didn’t see that shit coming, did I?   At Py’s hand – geez, what a twist.   Over a – hey.  

What the hell?


“Man – Py, what the fuck do you care?   There’s no law or lore for us – we do whatever we want, yeah?   So, her fault for pushing me too far – I just won the game, right?   She started it, for fuck’s sake…”

He dropped me, and looked down at his hand – those powerful, fastidious fingers.   “She was mine.”


“Py – dude.   What?   Since when do you even like…?”

He lifted the hand to his mouth and then bit at his nail until the blood ran.  


Okay, yeah.   Then I was fucking scared.   He turned his dark dead eyes to me.


“She was my kill.   I wanted that.   I’ve always wanted that.   You took my kill, you fucking little bastard.”




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