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Jonathon8 feels like he’s been losing his edge lately: he’s had a lot of shit to deal with this past couple of weeks.

So tonight he decided he need to get back to (his) nature and take a little trip to find himself again.

He jumped on a bus and travelled a few hours out into the night.

He got off, shouldered his backpack, and went for a little walk in the streets.

He found a likely spot in the carpark of an all-night diner.

He waited.

Funnily enough, the mugger approached him before any patrons left the diner. Lucky them: fate was obviously feeling unusually moralistic tonight.   And fortunately Jonathon8 has no qualms about eating fellow predators – no loyalty among killers around there…


Poor mugger.   Never knew what bit him.  

Though he may have had a fleeting inkling…



After an enjoyable amount of time and excessive mess, Jonathon8 stuffed the leftovers down a convenient stormwater drain, changed into the spare clothes from his backpack and stashed the full snap-lock bags carefully back in, ditched the other clothes in the bin outside the hospital (it seemed appropriate), and rode the late-night bus home.


It’s good to take a little time out for yourself.




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  1. Indeed it is, though I usually just go wandering in the woods.

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