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When I arrived this morning, Jenna was hanging around the high school steps.


“You’d better get moving, kid.   You’re gonna be late.”


She rubbed the toe of one sneaker awkwardly on the back of the other.

“You know it’s, like, not far at all.   I just, like, had to talk to you…”

 She then smeared her hair out of her eyes momentarily, and took a breath.

“Like – all that stuff I said the other day?   I have, like, no idea what I was thinking.   It was the, like, dumbest thing ever.   I, like, reckon I’d been reading too much of that Twilight and Vampire Diaries stuff – ’cause, like, it’s all so clearly totally, like, fiction.   As if there would actually be, like, vampires, in the real world and I’d happen to, like, know one.   That’s – like – so dumb.   So – yeah.”

She stole a quick look at me.


“Jenna.   You don’t read Twilight.”

She was careful answering.

“No.   But I, like, could have…”

I nod slowly.

“Yeah.   You know – you’re right, kid.   Going around saying shit like that is dumbest thing ever.   But it doesn’t matter now anyway, okay?   Forget about it.”

“It – like – doesn’t?”

“Nah.   See ya.   Oh – hey – but don’t leave your fucking windows open at night.   You never know what might get in…”

The bell rang and gave her a fright, and she tumbled off to her own school with her awkward pre-teen run, and without looking back.


Caught up with Kane in a couple of classes – he talked of Carly and we joked a bit about that ‘date‘ we didn’t get around to this week.   After school, the princess herself was leaning on the front fence, waiting for him.   Kane followed her to her car, but paused and looked over his shoulder.   I did that universal ‘getouttahere,youfuckwit’ movement with my head, and then he grinned and raised a ‘seeya’ hand as he turned away.


And then I went to the school office, shook hands with the principal, collected my transcripts, and went home.   After some final directions from me, the hired dumpster outside the house was mostly full, the charity organisation were loading up the last of the worthwhile furniture to take away, and the Cat was spitting and complaining through the bars of the pet carrier.


When the cab pulled up, I locked the door and left the key under the mat for the agent, grabbed my backpack in one hand and the cranky Cat-in-a-box in the other, loaded them in the taxi with me, pulled the cab door closed with a click…

…and left.





  1. I hate moving… I can’t even count the number of times I have moves, and I don’t care to either.

  2. I guess we should have seen it coming. Someone like you…it’s the most “natural” thing to do. But beggining again,from the…start? I admire your courage. I admire you generally, but that’s out of topic. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that we’re looking forward to reading your next adventures. They are addicting, something that could be proven even dangerous. Good luck wherever you go. As long as it’s not near me….

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