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Been out exploring tonight. And this is going to be bloody brilliant.   This great sprawling anonymous city bustles with lonely people and dark alleys and overworked law-enforcement and a general apathy about life which is delightfully congenial to sudden and violent death.

So – my apartment isn’t a fucking penthouse (and I still don’t have any furniture – should probably at least make an effort to look like I ‘live’ here…), but it has a fire escape, which is my new favorite thing in the whole fucking world. I’m sitting out here now, legs dangling over the satisfyingly long drop, tapping on the Iphone, suspended above the white noise of traffic and white lights of fluorescent city living.   All praise the inventor of easy egress in defiance of front doors and communal elevators and inquisitive neighbours. Especially the latter…

Okay.   I’m fidgety. Fucked if I know why.   Maybe just from getting those texts before.   New school tomorrow – thought about taking a few years off again, but for once I have this odd urge to lose myself back into the primal, hostile, high school experience.   It’s a distraction.   I want distraction.   I swore off sleep when Amelia started getting into dreams (fucking bitch, even in death), and until I get a feel for the new hunting grounds, the nights are long.   Need a new gaming console.   And a Chuck Palahniuk novel.   And some speakers.

Maybe I’ll call Py.   Maybe I should go for a walk, and window-shop in preparation for a housewarming-dinner later this week.   Maybe I’ll have another go at coaxing the Cat out of the Cat carrier – it’s still determined to stay in there, and it hasn’t been out hunting properly yet either…

Maybe that’s what this is.   Just the feeling predators get when settling in to new territory – the unease of temporary but enforced cautiousness.


Don’t worry, though.   Give us time.   We’ll soon get the blood pumping…




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  1. Didn’t feel the need to comment until I saw that you like Palahniuk. You have good taste in reading, my friend. In fact, i can see where you get your tone and diction from in your own writing-very Palahniuk-esque. Dark, satirical, gory, apathetic, poking fun at the human condition/society…what’s not to love?

    You remind me of Palahniuk a lot actually.

    Enjoying the blog, if for nothing more than the awesome writing style, quick wit, and dark humor. And for the mere fact that we seem to share a lot of the same thoughts about this world.


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