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This is me, not sleeping.

In fact, I’m doing my best Spiderman impersonation by sitting on the fire escape again, all dark and brooding, looking out over the black and neon city…


Okay, yes.   So I have a thing for my best friend’s girlfriend.   So what?

Shut the fuck up.   It’s not lust, or romance, or anything like that, okay?  

I just want to kill her.


Look – it’s not my fault she got a blood nose that night of the party.   Whenever I saw her after that, it was all I could think of – and fuck, it’s my friend’s girlfriend.   Couldn’t stand around drooling over her (even if it’s from lunch thoughts rather than lustful ones…) – Kane would have been seriously pissed off, pretty fucking fast.   Funny how often you people leap to the right emotional reactions over the wrong conclusions about me.   Plus, I’m fairly sure Carly thought I hated her and purposefully avoided me.   Again, sensible reaction from her – wrong reason about me…

Maybe people have a more attuned survival instinct than they think they do.   It was fortunate though – I’ve mentioned about avoiding snacking from the kids menu, and the drawbacks of chowing down too close to home.   Particularly because it would probably mean dealing with Kane in mourning – or putting him out of his misery…

Yet again – right reaction, wrong conclusion.   He is fucking furious with me right now.   I haven’t contacted him since that last day at my old place.   At first the texts were puzzled – then kinda worried – then bloody annoyed – then all in capital letters, without punctuation…   Now there’s silence.

He should be furious.   Not that he really knows why…   Though you now do.


Let’s be honest – I would still kill the pair of them if the opportunity arose.





  1. now that’s what a real vampire ought to be like. they’re lunch…

  2. I have to agree with the above comment.

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