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So I’m sitting on the low wall outside the gym, plugged into my ipod and watching the horde of students spill out of school, clearly unaware that they’re heading for home to the ‘tune’ of a nice vicious soundtrack by The Cure.   I’m a little hungry, and wondering lazily if there’s anyone here that wouldn’t be missed that much, simply because I can’t be fucking bothered actually going out to eat later…

And then someone fucking taps me on the shoulder.

It was purely a defensive move, right?   Instantly I was off that wall and turning to face – that new girl.   Harmony.


She waits while I unplug my ears.

Oh, yourself.   Fucking scaredy cat – someone comes up behind you, and you go and fall off a wall?”


Bite her.
Defend the Cat’s honor and refute the insult.
Explain the difference between falling when surprised, and springing into violent action when threatened…

Just fucking ignore it.

“Yeah right.   What do you want?”

She sits up on her side of the wall, and I resume my own place – kind of sitting together, but in counterpoint.   Facing opposite ways.   It seems appropriate.

“Wanna go do something?”


Bite her.
Say “Hell yes”.
Say “Fuck no”.
Be nonchalent.

I shrug, and continue to look away.


She lights up a cigarette (in reckless disregard of passing teachers who might be heading thankfully for the carpark), leans back on one arm and blows smoke at the sky.

“You need a reason?   Because I want to.   Because we’re both new here, and bored with people, and thus far we only piss each other off marginally instead of entirely?   Because there’s shit all else to do?”

I consider.


Bite her.
Say “Hell yes”.
Say “Fuck no”.

She’s gonna be another whiny, soppy, follow-me-round, bad-boy fan girl like the other ones lately.   Get rid of her, for fuck’s sake.

“Look – I’m not fucking interested in you, okay?”

She deigns to turn and look at me this time.

“Man – conceited little prick, aren’t you?   Think I’m after you for your body, baby boy?   That I can’t resist your manly charms?   Fuck off, sunshine – you’re not my type.”


Bite her for lying.
Bite her for telling the truth.
Bite her.

Have another go at pissing her off.

“Look – I’m not into high school girls, right?   Ever.”

She tips her head on one side.

“Huh.   Well, I am.   It can be another note of discord between us.   So – shall we get outta here?”

She drops off the wall, and doesn’t look back.   I pause for a minute.   She…?






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