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Harmony just left.   Turns out she prefers to be nocturnal too.

We hung out a bit after school last week.   She then came over last night, armed with vodka, tomato juice, Hitchcock films, and olives.   We made bloody marys and argued ferociously over what to watch.   I called her a fucking film philistine, and she called me a belligerent bad-taste bastard.   When we had run out of the more creative alliterative insults, and she’d scruffed up the Cat’s head and still had her arm attached, and the pizza arrived, we finally chose at random anyway, of course.

During Psycho as the chocolate sauce went swirling down the drain, she went looking for more ice and remarked that her fridge was always empty too, and she wished she lived alone as well so she didn’t have to hide the welfare cheques from her weak dad with his fucking gambling problem.

While Tippi was getting hen-pecked in The Birds, she mentioned her bitch of an older sister who married the CEO, had a whiny brat and another on the way, and displayed a convenient tendency to forget she had a kid sister if ever rung for money requests.

As Rope was finishing, she finally answered that her last girlfriend had a meth addiction, all right? and it ended badly.   End of fucking story.

With the cigarette smoke curling up into the early dawn sky, she leaned on the fire escape balcony rail tapping ash into the breeze, and said all the bullshit just made her hungrier to live life harder, that next time I should tell her more about this friend of mine Py, and if I ever dared express any sympathy to her about stuff she’d told me – she’d fucking kill me.

I believe her.  

You might even say that for a little while there, I did know Harm.





  1. It’s unlike you not to whine when around talkative people…

  2. Are you dead man?

    • Well.


      It’s kinda my thing…

      • Oh, what a relief! I thought you were dead dead, not just lingering dead.

        What’s keeping you busy? You’re not on the run, are you?

        There are free wifi spots in San Fransisco, in case you wanted to post while running…

      • There’s the awesome link called ‘Next Entry’. You should check it out – I hear it can really answer those otherwise embarrassingly obvious kinds of questions…

      • Yeah, my RSS reader didn’t reload until after I posted the comment.

        Didn’t want to waste time correcting myself, but that is done now…

      • Ah – don’t apologise. You know how much I relish any gratuitous chance to give someone shit, friend…

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