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This, my voracious voyeuristic friends, is my hundredth post.

It marks four months of dark, disturbing, delicious insights into morbid musings of one Jonathon8 – an angsty, acerbic adolescent, with a penchant for both verbosity and violence of the vampiric persuasion.

To those who have enjoyed my particular brand of mayhem thus far, be assured – the blood lust will not abate any time soon, you sick little fuckers.

To those who have recently discovered me – be warned.   The horrors are only just beginning…


Happy Blog Day to me.





  1. So how will/did you celebrate?

    The classical “Infant on a Stick” with some music of tortured prisoners? Maybe throw in some animals to the mix (to torture & be tortured)?

    • Torturing animals, that’s just cruel.

    • I was always taught that it was impolite to play with one’s food…

      • You’re not actually “playing” with the food; think of it more of a warming-up process. You know, the fear that reeks out of them and the muffled (or loud) screams to open your appetite.

        Just don’t let them cry a lot else they’ll dehydrate.

  2. Uh huh.
    You do realise you’re preaching to the predator here, right?
    If you start making aeroplane noises with a spoon next, there’s going to be fucking trouble…

    • I was only interested in knowing how you enjoy your meals, since you thought I hinted at it as if it was the muppet show…

  3. 100 blog posts eh?
    You’re doing well vampire.

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