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You want to know what one of the most awesome things about Harmony is?

She knows when the fuck to shut up.

I kinda said a bit more than intended the other night.

And instead of asking copious fucking questions or pressing me for more, there was a long still silence.   Then Harm reached over and took my hand.

You’d be proud of me.   I didn’t kill her for that.


She left just after, and I immediately went for a walk to outdistance and kill off any evoked memories.   Came across a girl smoking in an alley outside a club.

She asked me what the fuck I was looking at.

I said her.

She said to get the fuck out of her face.

I pointed out that I wasn’t doing any fucking harm.

She said I was clearly looking to get harm done to me at this rate.

I asked if she’d eaten yet? – because I hadn’t.

She thought it was some lousy pick-up line.   She sneered.

And then she said – “Bite me.”


You’d be proud of me.   I was very well-behaved.

I did just as I was told.




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