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I was the youngest.

The youngest is meant to be the golden child, hero, the adventurer.


I was adventurous…


See – when it happened, he was the only one who realised.   My brother, I mean.   Not that he knew the full story, but he saw something was different, something in me was darker, more deadly – more deathly.   Siblings know that shit.   I don’t know if it’s instinctive or ingrained, but he knew.   Straight away.   And while he was out working the fields by day, I was out at nights at usual – but not after wine and mischief anymore.   What I wanted now was bloodier in both respects and Amelia fucking loved taking me out to play.   And he knew.

Crazy thing is, no-one believed him.   Can you believe they said crap like ‘I’d grow out of it’? – even back then, same old tired platitudes to contain and control misunderstood evil.   But of course, to grow out of something you have to be able to grow.   And I was always going to be the youngest from here on out.

And while I played, he burned.   And while I played, he planned.   And one night after playing, he met me at the theshold of the family home with a scythe and my own blood lust reflected in his eyes.   The reaper waiting for grim justice and the demise of villainy and monstrosity.   It was as it should be.

But I was faster.   And hungrier.   And unlike him? – I didn’ t hesitate.

That wasn’t how it was meant to end – the fratricide should have been reversed.   It was finally the older brother’s chance to be a hero, to save the family, to rid the world – to make the first kill.

Funny how things turn out though, isn’t it?





  1. “same old tired platitudes to control and contain misunderstood evil”
    I’ve told you many times, ’tis absolutely brilliant writing. I find myself falling into your story. The kind of reading where everything around one just ceases to exist, and the words create a trance-like state of being.. You continue to impress me, my friend.. Yes, you do.

    • Don’t fall too far, friend. You might have trouble clawing your way back out, and I hear that dangerous things live down in the dark here…

  2. I heard once that blood is thicker than water… and much tastier.

  3. You won’t like it, but I’m shedding a small tear for you. There now, I’ve wiped it away. Back to reading.

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