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Probably did a bad thing tonight.

I bit Brix.

Just a bit.

Well – fuck.   He was asking for it.


Went round to hang out with some of Harmony’s friends – including the cheerleader who used to have a thing with my favorite nemesis.  No big night planned.    Just listening to gothic rock and talking existential shit, with kung fu movies on silent in the background and the occasional round of shots.

Then as the proverbial ton of, Brix and two random buddies lumbered in, unannounced and unwelcome and fucking plastered.   He would have picked a bloody fight on the spot if he could have focussed enough to take a swing.   He settled for a staggering lunge towards me that inadvertantly slammed my chair into a bookcase, and brought an ugly stone elephant crashing down on the hand I held up in lazy protest.   Get this.   It actually drew blood.   The cheerleader fussed and offered a bandaid, Harmony kicked the elephant remains into one corner and Brix into another.   I shrugged and licked my own wound, while he passed out on a back sofa.  

One of his entourage promptly hooked up with a tall bitter blonde called Saffron, and the other went for more beer and never came back.   Harm wandered out to the courtyard for a smoke and to flirt with her sympathetic cheerleader, and the other few drifted away to inner rooms for snacks, for snogs, for snoozes.


Until it was just me and Brix.

And an inviting bare forarm hanging over the edge of the sofa.


Hey – come on.  

He drew first blood.


Lots of alcohol in the bloodstream meant a pleasant buzz as the nicely cleaned arm was folded neatly under him.   He barely stirred.

It was too easy.


Harm walked me home later because she said it looked like I’d had a few too many.

I said – no.   Just one.

Then she asked me what I did with the elephant.

And I told her I left it in the corner.




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