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So recently, I chewed on Brix, and came out with my teeth intact.   In fact, the subsequent encounter with a snack-sized raconteur was more dignity-damaging than taking a my nemesis out for a quick bite.

But Brix and I did then have a little run-in yesterday.   He and his tribe of teen jock neanderthals came visiting in the media lab where Harmony had been working after school on a presentation for ancient history.   I was holding the fort so to speak: she’d gone for snacks from the machine.

And that’s just when the senior stars of the school athletic team came by for a visit.


Attempts to enact violence against me are always interesting.   I often find myself scoring such valiant efforts as a matter of professional interest.  


The closing in from the doorway, the covering of possible exits, the ominous slow approach – all quite nicely done, really.   7/10.  

 The flinging away of the chair as I stood up and the sweeping off the bags and papers from the desk – reasonably effective and intimidating.  8/10.    

The slight manhandling before having arms seized and held fiercely by two obliging goons (one of whom may have been Saffron’s conquest from the other night, but I couldn’t be sure – they’re so interchangable)… actually, it was all properly performed with very little room for error on their part.   9/10.


But Brix’s reputation then asserted itself, as he leant in with eerie, controlled, vindictive pleasure to say softly, “I told you that you were a dead man…”   The astute timing, the barely restrained anger, the invasion of personal space, the threatening body language (only slightly visually diminished by the gauze still taped around one forearm)…    Pure fucking mastery.   10 /bloody 10   The dude has ‘menacing’ down to an artform, and believe me – I should know.


However – it was all kinda unfairly defused by the fact I was actually watching that tiny vein pulse in his neck at the time, and wondering if the mess to clear up (and the deaths to then cover up) could possibly be worth another taste…

And of course – the other obvious point sprang to mind.   Brix is not stupid – well, not excessively.   Actual murder or overt physical damage brings all kinds of problems.   So like me, he’s currently weighing up the pleasures of revenge with the probabilities of repercussion.

Naturally he can’t know, poor guy, that the level of injury or death he might plan to inflict is not actually an issue in this case.   Whereas from my perspective…

The result though was a non-event, with the timely arrival of a teacher’s aide who was working late, and the return of Harmony armed with candy corn.


So Brix and I were both slightly relieved…   

But mostly fucking disappointed.




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  1. It all sounds very Greco-Roman to me. I wonder if Brix is aware?

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