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Good evening.

Where am I just now?

In the shadows of a side fence, watching a window.

Around the corner of the house, the porch is hung with festoons of glowing skulls and grinning pumpkins, but here the curtain hasn’t been drawn, and the lit window is a live action television screen to the passing voyeur.

Or in this case, to the quiet killer who chose this house, and this window, and this inhabitant very particularly.


This is the house of Brix.

And after the other day, little Jonathon and his trusty iphone are on a stake out.   Or stalk out.   Whichever you…

Hang on.   Sssh.


Shit.   This is what Brix’s home life is like?   Can’t believe


oh man



He’s seen me.





  1. aaaaahhhhhh…..continue……!!!!!

  2. Oh no, I have that sinking feeling that a moral is approaching. I do hope you prove me wrong.

  3. Wouldn’t want to be in Brix’s place. Ever =/

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