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Remember, remember…
Gunpowder, treason, and plot…


Appropriate quotation, eh? (and yes, for fawkes’ sake  – I heard it before V For Vendetta, okay?)  

See, as you’d remember, yours truly actually had a recent close encounter with gun powder.   And that’s because someone committed an act of treason against a school mate (not sure who started it, actually…)

Doesn’t matter.

Because now? – I’m plotting.

I’m going back to school today.   And I’m expecting fireworks.


You know in those movies when someone fakes their own death to fool the bad guy, then you get that awesome recognition scene where they reveal themselves and the look on the dude’s face is priceless?

Deliciously enough, I know from personal experience that this actually works in real life.   It’s just that not many people are immortal enough to survive death and pull it off.   Plus the whole good guy/bad guy division gets kinda problematic.

This time, the guy in question though is Brix – and he’s going to burn today.


 Yeah, yeah – I know.   Could totally have sauntered over to the house of Brix earlier this week, and had a quiet little debate there about the need for him to continue to breathe.   But after his dramatic and bloody stunt scene for Halloween, I can’t let him go gentle into that good night.   Oh no – not now.   He hijacked the plot, and brought the action back to my door.   And that wasn’t how Jonathon’s plan was supposed to go.   So that means we now need to end this with a bigger bang than his single gunshot, boys and girls.

Okay – I probably shouldn’t play with my food.   Maybe I’ve been hanging out with the Cat too long, and the insidious pleasure of toying with one’s intended victim has rubbed off.   But Brix has it coming.   Sure, after gunpowder and treason, this little plot might blow up in my face – but I’m willing to risk it for the sake of seeing the look on his, when a man he now knows should be dead walks nonchalently into class later today.

Shitting Brix proved to be a real pain in the guts.   I plan on returning the favor.





  1. Damn it!!!!

  2. She’s right you know. You are a tease.

  3. i think it´s o.k. to play a little bit with your food = brix :)))

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