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… fair of face…

It was convenient that he only had eyes for his reflection.   He looked in the well-lit mirror on his way past the row of high cubicle walls to the urinal, then again when he washed his hands, culminating in a close and delicate inspection.   He traced a finger along the beginnings of evening stubble on the jawline, smoothed his hair and tie, turned his head left and right to examine the profile.   There was probably a girlfriend or boyfriend still waiting out in the restaurant for him – clearly a new relationship when it involved dinner on a week night, and vanity that was so anxious and overt.   Hoping to continue making a good impression, hoping his date wouldn’t notice the slight pungeant scent of the pinstripe suit serving as business and evening wear – or the beginnings of a bald spot.   But then – that was really only visible from this vantage point.    All he saw was his face and figure, and the reflection of the dark stalls behind that marked the mostly empty bathroom.   And that was convenient when the attack came – just before the sweeping arc of blood was slashed across the mirror.   So few people ever remember to look up.





  1. Creepy!!!! I love it!!

  2. I like sweeping arcs of blood. *smiles creepily*

  3. Damn!gave me chills..But that’s nothing new where you are concerned.

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