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…full of grace…

There were probably a few last minutes of consciousness.   Enough time to remember leaving the pilates class feeling taut and poised and calm and centered, her bag slung over one shoulder, her car keys in the other hand.   She was late tonight – hers was the only car still left in the carpark, but the area was quiet and empty and bright with security flood lights.   No-one about.   There never was – it’s a nice suburb.   She unlocked and opened the driver’s side door and tossed the bag across the seat.   And that when she heard the little noise.   A slight shuffle.   From the only dark place.   The shadows under the car.   And then the hand grabbed her ankle and she fell and hit her head and was dragged under into the dark quicker than should have been possible.   They always forget to look down.   And before the blood loss became extreme, there were probably a few last minutes of consciousness.   But not many.





  1. i will never never never forget to look down…..

  2. I’m like a chicken, looking up, down, side to side.

    • PlanetMercury86
    • Posted November 25, 2009 at 11:59 am
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    What model of car? She must be tiny if she can be pulled under it quicker than possible.

    • You mean if the car was any lower, its wheels wouldn’t touch the ground?…

      Seriously though. You underestimating me suits very well – it’s a common mistake. As illustrated above…

  3. ~grin~ Take that PlanetMercury86. LMAO

  4. I’m not afraid of much, but that space under the car has always terrified me…

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