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…far to go…

Must have been a health kick. Because there was an hotel elevator in perfect working order, but he took the stairs. Might have been in town for the holidays, maybe just finished the family meal and fun, even. Might have been the uncle who flew in unexpectedly – no room to put him up for the night, but at least he can be offered the holiday honor of carving into the bird, stuffing oozing out, white meat or dark? Then chatting and drinking and catching up, promises of last-minute plans tomorrow before he heads home. But for now – climbing up the stairwell, full and sated, and breathing a little hard. The sounds echo around in the ascending concreted silence, the stairs seem to be getting steeper, the steps more labored. He whistles an appropriate Led Zeppelin riff to distract himself, and it’s a few minutes before he realises someone else is whistling too. When he rounds the final landing, that someone is sitting halfway up the last staircase, just between him and the door to the final floor. There might have been some thanks given from what was about to be received. But it’s more likely the carving took place immediately and the bloody feasting began straight after.




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  1. you are insatiate…..

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