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…and gay.

He lay on his belly across the bed, turning the magazine pages, trying not to hear the shouts of his still angry parents who were blaming each other downstairs.   New Moon publicity shots, boy bands, aftershave models.   He traced with a finger over the sculptured torsos of beautiful boys scarcely older than him.   He looked resentfully to his right for a moment at his reflection in the mirror, then glanced ahead at the window.   There was another pale-faced, dark-eyed, bitter reflection.   Only – the window was open.   So he crossed his arms and rested his chin down on them – and the boy in the window did the same.   But here was the difference.   “I know you.”   The window boy shook his head.   “No – I know you.   You’re what Death looks like.”   The boy contemplated and shrugged.   “Knew you were coming here.   That’s why I told my parents tonight.   It was time.”   The boy only swung a leg silently over the window sill.   “So they found out who I really was before I decided to – leave.”    The boy lifted the other leg through, eyes still fixed on him – mirror boys – as he asked a final question.   “Will it hurt much?”   But there was not time for an answer.




  1. make me sad 😦

  2. Awwwww…..

  3. BRAVO Jonathon! perfect ending to an awesome week!

  4. everyone but me is sad..oh well..

  5. Umm, that was a little sad…

    • spazzyxbrunette
    • Posted November 30, 2009 at 10:52 pm
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  6. Wow… That was kinda emotional… Didn’t expect that from you…

  7. You, Mr. 8, are a true monster. Kudos.

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