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Rang Harmony today.   Told her the same story the school got from my fictional guardian ‘Eddie’ who I still drag out for just such occasions – death in the family, and the week away to attend the funeral.  

Well.   Come on.   The week’s activities were death-related.  

She got the longer version of the lie anyway, about leaving my phone at home (I didn’t feel like calling her sooner), getting the Cat boarded at a vet’s (yeah, right – like the Cat can’t care for itself…), and being on my way back now.

She asked about the relative who ‘died’…

– Huh.   Guess you could say she was a family friend, really.   I mean – no real relation to me, but it always felt like she was.

 – You were close?

– You could say that – hadn’t seen her in a while though.   Her – death – came as a fucking shock, actually.

She was quiet for a minute.

– Sorry, sunshine.

– Actually, I’m doing all right.   Think the trip was just what I needed, y’know?   Cleared my head.   Put shit in perspective.   Anyway – this call is costing me a fucking fortune, Harm.   See you soon, yeah?

We hung up.   And I considered how a near-death experience is not the worst fucking thing that can happen to someone, when all is said and done.   I mean – I’m near death a lot, and I’m near death myself.   And that’s okay.   It’s dealing with all the fucked-up shit that happens when your ‘deceased family friend’ may still resent the fact you tried to kill her – again – and comes around to make you a dead dead man.   That’s the complicated bit.   But – you know.   Keeps things interesting, doesn’t it?




  1. I read it three times so far.I’m addicted. But, you already know that.Just when I was going to ask about Eddie..Damn, you’re good..Or Bad.

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