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Took a little detour on the way home.

Guess where I am right now?

Sitting in the booth of a late-night diner.   Pretending to drink coffee.   Waitress is enjoying being rude to me, but I don’t really give a shit about that just now.   You see – behind me, in the adjoining booth, is someone we both know.   Two someones we both know.

Kane doesn’t fucking realise it, but I’ve got his back right at this moment.   Behind this tall seat, he and Carly are arguing in low angry voices.   He’s complaining about how distant and uninterested she’s been with him lately, and pointing out if she wants it to be over, she should just fucking say so.   She doesn’t want to talk about it here, and she can’t believe he thinks she’s been cold and emotionless with him.

Then she says, “I know you’re still hurting about that Jonathon guy, babe.   Pissing off out of your life like that was a shitty thing for a best friend to do.   But I’m not him, okay?   Would you just stop expecting me to be?”

Then there is a silence.   And I hear her get up and slide around to his side of the booth, and for a moment, even after my recent indulgences, I feel a twinge of hunger for her bad coffee can’t fucking assuage.

I get up, ruin the waitress’ pleasure in being a bitch by leaving too good a tip, and leave.




  1. I’m a waitress..and u were too kind to leave the bitch a

  2. Is your tip, “If your customer doesn’t like what you dish out, he may eat you instead”?

  3. Awww Kane misses you…and you still want the girl, not in the usual way of course!

  4. Isn’t it funny that when you mention hunger I immediately equate it with emotion? Hmmm

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