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Darkness is my natural state.

It is my preferred environment, my favorite state of mind, my inherent state of being.   You know this already.   I am – a dark thing.   Darkness not as an absence of light, but as a presence unto itself.

But in the dark exists other dark things.   Some you know about.   Some you suspect.   Some come to meet you.   When they’re ready.

Dark places live inside and out.   Sometimes you think nothing can be blacker than the dense anticipation of Amelia waiting for you in the shadows.   Sometimes you think nothing can be blacker than lithe curls of smoke that twist in that hollow inner chamber where other – more sentimental – people might keep a soul.


Let the darkness come, Amelia.


I’m fucking ready for you.






  1. what a brilliant idea…my respect!!

  2. I expect some… things to happen now :O

  3. Keeping us in the dark indeed! Ugh!!! Suspense, it kills me.. Another great piece J8.. *waiting patiently for more* =)

  4. That was awesome as usual. so glad you are back, you are my Heroin I almost needed to find J.A.

  5. Absolutely brilliant, as usual. Your ability to convey emotion, from one who doesn’t experience such, is stellar.

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