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If a train is travelling towards Point A…

So – Harmony had a Christmas present for me, right?   She’d even made it herself – framed a photo that she’d taken and I’d liked, of a crow pecking at carrion out by the highway.   We’d joked at the time that Hitchcock and Poe would have to battle it out over the fucking copyright.

… at x miles per hour…

And she decided to drop in and surprise me with it.   Her vacuous brother-in-law, over-wrought nephew and blood-curdling sister complete with new leech-like baby attached have invaded her house for the holidays – it’s nothing short of a fucking Christmas miracle she hadn’t already committed soricide.   She headed over to my place for a breather and a bitch.

… and a second train is travelling…

Py has been doing post-Christmas reconnaissance – he’s convinced Amelia will have dug herself in close to me, and has investigated all adjacent buildings with overlooking windows, balconies and roof gardens in the neighbourhood.   However, his vampiric Christmas wish has alluded him – no sign since her last home invasion, and he was out of fucking humor about it.

… towards the same point at y miles per hour…

So he decided to come over to my place, glare at the offending message on the mirror, and sulk in comfort.   He was already bored with high school teaching and had welcomed the holidays, but now was bored with the break and looking forward to both charming and tormenting the students again.   Clearly starting with me.

… at what time will the inevitable collision take place…?


When Harm knocks, I answer the door and she says “Merry Christmas – here”, thrusts the impatiently-wrapped present at me and goes to perch on the back of the couch.

I’m still holding the door as Py then promptly comes through it, saying “Ciao, Johnny boy – I…”

He and Harm look at each other.   I close the door and put down the parcel warily.

Harm raises her eyebrows – “You already know the new history teacher, sunshine?”

Py rubs a knuckle under his chin – “You didn’t say you’d have company, Johnny?”


Total train wreck.

Aw, fuck it.

“Harm? – this is Py.”





  1. Oh my, an evil cliffhanger. You sure know how to keep us coming back for more.

  2. Sometimes it’s not good to mix one circle of friends with the other =) That said, I suppose 1 on each side doesn’t make a circle =P Interesting to see how this plays out. Well done, as always =)

    • Particularly when one is higher on the food chain…

  3. Easy as Py

  4. Before I read on, I’m hoping they like (or as near as can be) each other.

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