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The years are meant to go by faster as you get older, aren’t they?   Time is meant to stop being a leisurely, youthful thing, and start becoming a countdown – life speeds up as you grow up, and the rat race turns into a sprint, and all the running is ultimately towards death.   The final time out.

But that’s all bullshit, of course.   Time ticks over with fucking wondrous regularity – it’s only your perspective that changes.   And that’s something you get pretty bloody good at regulating yourself after a century or two of immortality.

Still – this year has been… eventful.   You can spend decades seeking out things to fucking pass the time and amuse you – in recent months, things seem have been seeking me.   New Year’s Eve is the time to both look behind you and look ahead, yeah?   Because you never know what the hell may be creeping up…

In my bloodied wake this year then is the tattered remains of a friendship with Kane, a dull threat of Jenna-the-girl-who-knew-too-much, and that close shave with Mitch the fish boy (wonder where the fuck he’ll be tonight?)

But there have been interesting power shifts in playing at life and death with Py, the caustic influence of she who made me forget what it is to be Harm-less, and the ever creative experience of being owned by a Cat.

Then – there are the strange dark places.   At some point I’ll need to rebuild a battleground with Brix – who’s alive and well, more’s the fucking pity.  And there are still – still dreams of Carly who doesn’t know how close she walked (walks?) the line between living and not.

And there is Amelia – who just won’t stay fucking dead.

But I have time.   There is time for all of this.   As the old year dies dolefully, and rises anew with phoenix life and fireworks and crappy cheap champagne froth, I have only one New Year’s resolution.

To bite off some loose ends.


Party hard, boys and girls, but play safe.   You wouldn’t want to deprive me of later pleasures, would you?

Start the countdown…


10, 9, 8, 7…


One Comment

  1. Thank you for making this the best New years EVER! and quite possibly one of your best posts..un-fucking BELIEVABLE!!!

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