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Hungry.   Hungry.   Watching.   Couched, poised, thinking cold, tasty thoughts.

Saw her crossing the alleyway.   Slender and dark, out alone – she looked warily from side to side as she hurried along.

Mmm.   Hungry, hungry.

The road was silent, save for an occasional growl of passing taxis in the street over, and a rattle of a neglected generator in a neighbouring factory.   She was spotlit as she passed under the first streetlight – then a swift ghost in the shadows between – then bright again in the next streetlight.

Come here.   Come closer.   Closer.

She stopped.   What had she felt?   Nothing to hear or see yet – just a twinge of survival instinct caused her to pause.   But that momentary caution was crowded out by the other urge to self-preservation – move.   Move faster.

Lying low.   Closer.   Closer…

The kill was quick- she was hoisted up, lightweight, and dragged up a nearby fire escape and in a darkened window.




(And then?   I had to clean up the rat remains left under the coffee table.   Fucking Cat.)





  1. HA..Short and not so sweet..but awesome as always!

  2. I really enjoyed this one… really.

  3. Wicked cat! Makes a mess for you to clean up. Its true what they say.. ‘Dogs have owners. Cat’s have staff!’ =)

  4. A rat may have a chance at biting back & then run away.

    6 weeks later: A horde of vampire rats!

    Yet another tiny event turned into a lame movie.

    • Mm. Don’t give up your day job for script-writing just yet.

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