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(Dear Py,

Sorry, man.   You missed her.   She’s not upstairs anymore.   When I realised the vixen of your fox-hunt had gone to ground, so to speak, overhead, it didn’t take me long to do something about it.   And I knew the minute I wrote about it here, even weeks later, you’d soon smell it out like the hound of hell you are, and hurry to make the final blooding.   I heard you up there just now, stealthy though you were.   But alas, Py – the prey remains at bay.

Because Amelia is…   Well – she’s gone.

My bad about all the lies, yeah?   And sorry to beat you to the kill.   Yet again.




P.S. You’re still gonna pass me for history though, right?…)





  1. Nicely played…

    Forget history. If I can’t remember it, then it wasn’t important anyway.

  2. What! She’s gone?! Did I miss a post?! Did she escape, did you kill her?! ARGH!!

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