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Definition of a ‘waking nightmare’:


1. Being in a coma for months – and then having to come back to school, or

2. Realizing after reading a kid’s blog that the little bastard actually had the woman you want to kill staying with him the whole time, or

3. Knowing you’re immortal but brushing so close to death that you still have the mark to prove it, or

4. Seeing your boyfriend falling apart and feeling forced to contact his creepy ex-best friend in the hopes he’ll do something about it.



Definition of a ‘waking nightmare’…


Being Jonathon8, and knowing that tomorrow you’re going to have to deal with: 

1. The ominous return of Brix, and

2. The dangerous repercussions of Py, and

3. The dark memory of Amelia, and

4. The impending arrival of Carly



Definition of a ‘waking nightmare’?


You can see the bad shit coming to get you – and you can’t fucking wake up…





One Comment

  1. You and your to’ing and fro’ing.. I can’t keep up LOL.. Still, no complaints. Love reading the blog and it keeps me on my toes. As you were….

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