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Fuck FUCK what the fuck just happened? there is no way shit could have gone down like this this was not meant to end like I couldn’t have known she’d go and do something like that, or that he’d turn up just at that moment Holy shit Whatin fuck’s sake do I do now? come on Icould not have seen this coming could I could I? Fuck He said But she’s gone and now she’s lying there and she was lying -and there’s blood everywhere and I never guessed This is a fuckingnightmare Shit it’s not like any other bloody time Why can’t i? I need to get the fuck out of here how the hell do I explain this to him This is not my fucking fault,allright Oh fuck FUCK



She’s dead, okay?   She’s fucking dead.







  1. Dead for sure this time?

  2. what did you do to Carly?

  3. Did you actually write this?! It lacks your perfect grammar and punctuation (sp?) LOL.. Maybe you did and in your panic you just let all your rules slide…

    My guess, I don’t believe its Amelia.. I believe its Carly too…

  4. Carly, Amelia… fine. Harm… worries me. A lot. Your loose pronoun usage makes me nervous.

  5. My guess is on Harm.

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