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Faaaaaaark.   My head…

The fucking blood is pumping in my temples – and for once that’s not a good thing.   My eyes also feel bloodshot, there’s a bad bloody taste in my mouth, and if I throw up momentarily, it’s going to be Carrie on prom night meets the head-spinning scene from The Exorcist.   Sheeeeit.   I feel like Death warmed up – and for once, it’s metaphorical.

I swear, that’s the last fucking time I go out ripping it up with Py.   Yeah, fuck – I know I say that every time, but…    Hey.   Speaking of the devil, where is that bastard?   Bet he’s just gone and pissed off again now that I – oh.   He’s here on the couch.   Face down.   Drooling red a bit.   There’s a broken glass that has spilled its sticky contents across the coffee table, a stained snaplock doggy bag or three under the armchair, and Py is inexplicably only wearing one shoe.  

The Cat is currently licking leftovers off his fingers.

Maaaan.   You realise you’re all lucky I’m too fucked-up to think about pursuing the hair of the dog, or even a bloody Mary right about now?    Shit – come to think of it, I dunno even how we got home after all that.   I drank a helluva lot of people under the table this weekend.  

And on the table, and in their cars, and behind some bars…

Only red, of course.   I never mix my beverages.

Urgh.   Fuck.   Whatever.   I’m going back to bed to sleep off my bloody over-indulgence.


And no.   I don’t remember anything about Carly being dead at all.





  1. I am so curious to see what happens to Brix..I know this isn’t over, he bullied the wrong Vampire…

  2. Oh, this was an awesome post, think I told you that earlir, I could visualize Py on the couch and the cat licking his are amazing Mr8.

  3. You are a lying liar. 🙂 I don’t for a minute think you’ve forgotten Carly.

    You claim to be emotionless and unsentimental, but that’s not how you behave….

    But I approve. 🙂

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