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So.   What to talk about today.   How does one follow up recent events with pithy fucking chatter?

Let’s talk about the weather, eh?   Who’s for some fun vampire trivia?   Show of hands, please…

We don’t really feel cold.   Or heat.   And before you start, it’s not because of any kind of sexy, chilly, Twilight-esque bullshit, okay?   I might be dead, but my circulatory system works just fucking fine, thanks.   Any chills I give off are the actual scary sort, and not because I’m a spiky-haired, ‘vegetarian’ popsicle.

That means heightened senses, yeah – but not ‘sensitive’.   Getting the difference?   Functioning at physical perfection sure, but all the safety devices are turned off.   I can run you down, throw you off, hear and see you coming a bloody mile away, and heal up faster than you can say “Fuck me, that was fast” – but you won’t hear me complaining about the unseasonably warm spell or the sudden cold snap.

Okay, yes – I’ll admit nocturnal means minor light-sensitivity.   I don’t enjoy a fucking nice sunny day, if that’s what you’re asking.   But you feel discomfort at heat and cold as an internal health and safety regulation, whereas I can’t get dehydrated, hyperthermia, hypothermia, feverish, or catch cold.   Unlike you, I could live in a sauna or nap in a snowstorm – because it’s not like it’s gonna kill me.

Hence – I don’t shiver, pant or perspire either.   Fucking ew.   Like I say – safety gauges all turned off.   When it comes down to it, I’m a hot-blooded cold bastard.   No matter how the weather looks, or what bloody unnatural disasters pass through my ‘life’, I’m telling you – categorically…

I don’t feel a thing.





    • Rosemarie Fullerton
    • Posted February 4, 2010 at 3:54 pm
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    you sound oddly hostile in this post to me for some reason. i wonder what caused that. oh and while i might have your attention, were you going to answer my question about turning? I really do want to know the answer. thank you.

  1. always!I always learn something new.

  2. and in IMO you sound the same as always.

  3. Yes, you do sound a bit hostile here, Mr. 8. Though the insight is much appreciated.

  4. It’s been freaking cold here, so not feeling it would probably be a big plus. So, when you touch snow, or hot sand you don’t feel either one? Just wondering…

  5. I also think you sound the same as always. Sounding like you don’t give a shit about anyone but sometimes I think you do =) Still, good to hear you aren’t a spiky-haired vegetarian popsicle. I know how you hate those =D

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