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For one moment – I admit it.   I did consider the B-grade movie script option.  

Leap across the room like a steroid-fuelled action hero, wrestle the gun from the crippled villain’s hand – then the single gunshot stops the struggle, there’s a look of mutual horror as we each wait for our bodies to register which one? until Brix topples dramatically from his chair, and your hero has won…

Of course – the hero/villains roles don’t fit terribly well.   Or the winning/losing thing.   Besides, Brix had heaved himself up powerfully from his chair, eyes and gun still trained on me.   I thought about pointing out that holding it cinematic gangsta-style was likely to rip your hand open (seen it happen – awesome scarlet hydrotechnics ensued…), but this was such a crazy theatrical movie kinda moment anyway that I didn’t want to spoil the mood.   So I said instead:

“Man – I still think you’re tripping with this whole supernatural shit.   But shoot me here, and fuck – you’re gonna have a bitch of a time dragging bodies around or explaining this.   The ‘intruder in self-defence’ crap doesn’t work much off-screen…”

Brix snorted.   Seriously – snorted.   But one single bead of sweat was running discreetly into his left eyebrow.

“Oh, if you were stupid enough to give this a fucking red-hot go, freak boy, I’m sure I’d manage somehow.   But if you’re not going up in a puff of smoke or a cloud of dust or some neat little fucking fireball, then I’m thinking you’re the one who probably needs to get the fuck outta here.   Thanks for stopping by.   Glad we understand each other.   I know exactly what the hell I’m dealing with now – and that’s going to make things much easier next time…”

For one moment I looked at my options.   Looked at Brix.   Looked at the gun.   Looked back at the door.


And then I thought:



Fuck it.





  1. The Master of Suspense….

  2. Jonathon8, i hate you with a passion that few mortals know for keeping me waiting.

  3. Yup, what they said ^… C’mon, c’mon!!

  4. I of course believe that you, being Jonathon8 and like the Vampire that you are, ran like a little girl towards the door screaming: “don’t kill me, don’t kill me” all using your little girl voice and all the while skipping like little girls do. Oh and you wore pink and a skirt. Did i mention you had your hair braided with a pink ribbon? (I don’t care how short it is!)

    ******No, I don’t really mean that and i still love your blog but you hurt me Jonathon8, i was really looking forward to this entry and you cut me deep bro. ಥ_ಥ

    P.S. In all seriousness, Please don’t make your character Jonathon8 a sissy, i mean his EMO moments are AwEs^OmE (usually) but being all “girly-helpless-immortal-can’t-be-hurt-but-owwww-i-got-a-boo-boo-by-a-gun-shot” like he’s been recently is kinda pissing me off. I mean where’s Jonathan8 the wicked villain/hero i liked so much? And GO fuck Harm already! Peace. ◕ ‿‿ ◕

  5. Agh X-/ . . That’s All I have to Say

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