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It wasn’t far.   And the momentum drove him into the seat where a forearm could jam his throat against the seat back, and an opposite hand could manacle his wrist to the side table, where the gun dropped easily among the other useless paraphernalia.  

Because when the wolf couldn’t bluff his way into the house of Brix, he should have just used his teeth.

How fast can get you through a liter?   About two pints?   That’s approximately the amount of traumatic blood loss required before unconsciousness kicks in.   Then you can stop for a breather (so to speak), then continue pouring drinks at your leisure.

So I stood back, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand and looking at my handiwork.   And right at that moment, the light that Brix had switched on in the kitchen earlier finally made it to my brain.  

What the fuck was I doing?   This had been fun – this had been fucking, bloody brilliant fun.   Brix shitting himself and facing me down anyway – it was more gratifying than I knew how to deal with.   This was the same joyous twang of relief when I saw Amelia huddled in the attic, and heard Kane abuse the shit out of me over the phone  – that I hadn’t actually killed them when I had the chance.   Because they were fucking unpredictable disturbing disruptions to my existence.   And if you cull the annoying, dangerous, dodgy, damaged people and all the shit they bring with them out of your fucking life, what the hell are you left with?


High school.   A Cat.   Staring at flickering screens, going out on the same old grocery runs, slogging through dull classes or coming up with tired excuses to get out of them.


What the fuck was I thinking?   Brix was fair game when he was shaping up to be boring and banal – but then he reformed.   And he’s still evolving – he’s just going to get more threatening, and more problematic, and more difficult to deal with.   And thank fuck for that.   Bring it on.

So he’s gonna be fine by the way.   Anaemic and light-headed for a few days, and furious and bloody-minded permanently after that, but fine.   I staunched the bleeding before I left, and tidied up a bit.   And savored the rusty taste of of a broken stalemate.

But shit.   I can’t believe I nearly killed off one of the few things in the long, meandering melee of my existence that broke me out of my dull, jaded routine and put a spark back into the hunt.   Why the fuck didn’t one of you stop me?   

Yeah – you.  


You sitting out there reading this.

You would’ve just let me take down Brix before he’s even reached his nemesis prime, and thus return to the dreary round of everyday immortality, wouldn’t you?

Quick, gratuitous pleasure, then you would have been forcing me back to the same kind of shithouse life you’re dealing with yourself right now…

Fuck that.

Embrace the bad stuff.   It reminds you who you are – it puts real fucking color into the pastels of mundanity.

Shit happens – thank fuck.  

Shit like Brix.





  1. You amazing bastard…… I am speechless.

  2. Ahhhh X-D Yes!!!

  3. So very, very well-played. I almost feel guilt at not having tried to stop you.

  4. Wouldn’t dream of stopping you. He’s going to be on you like a sick little flea now..worse than before.

  5. Doh! The bully didn’t get his come-uppance.. I suppose, now you have a new plaything. that this will result in more stories..YAY! Well done Champ! =)

  6. YES! BrA^vO!

  7. Of course, it’s obvious that ‘Brix’ is planning on somehow capturing you later on when he gets better (hence the “useful for next time” thing he said) and somehow beat the secrets of Vampiric immortality out of you for himself.

    Then after some either a very clever or “dumb-luck” way Jonathon8 gets away after weeks of Torture at the hands of Brix who by the way is now a Vampire and is killing everyone jonathon8 “loves”. Thus a Showdown ensues between Brix and Jonathon8 with the Fair Maiden Harm tied up “shocked” that her best friend who she has always secretly wanted to jump the bones of is in fact a Vampire which by the way she has had a little suspicion but is nonetheless shock. *breathe* (too many btw’s) Thus Jonathon8 wins and Brix is slain. Then he and Harm have a week-long Sex-athon.

    ***the reason why i spoiled that plot is, i have seen enough of my favorite Characters, I’ve grown attached to, be in that plot and yes I have “grown attached”. Aside from my Hell-weeks baby, Jonathon8’s blog is one of the best thing that lets me feel something instead of being fucking angry all the time which sucks.

    I’ve seen enough of my heroes fall.

    So don’t fall.

    • Cheers for the support. Is the fact Harm’s gay likely to spoil your little fantasy here? Just a thought…

        • Blackredbluefire
        • Posted March 8, 2010 at 1:02 pm
        • Permalink

        No, in fact it’s actually what makes it SO HOT!

        Seriously though, thanks for making me feel something dead-man. 😉

        It’s a rare treat and,granting that you really are immortal, it must REALLY SUCK to be you huh?

        Hahahaha! I should know because, despite all the bullshit i go through, i get almost anything i want and YET i feel SO FUCKING empty ALL the TIME. Why anyone would want to be immortal is beyond me.

        Oh and BTW Update more often, it’s not like you’d lose any sleep over it. ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶


  8. I think something’s up with your blog feed. In the feed on my google homepage and in the actual blog main page itself, this entry comes before the “2” and “1” entries instead of after. Not sure if you can fix it, but thought I’d bring it to your attention anyway.

    • Thanks for the heads up, but the feed is self-generated. Better take it up with the internet gods…

      • Ah, no need. Looks like it’s righted itself.

  9. Ya know..I find myself a wee bit disappointed you let him live. But more material for the blog in the future no doubt.

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