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Way back when higher education was still a novelty I was exploring, not a vocation I found myself regularly locked into, it was exclusively a guy thing, yeah?   Girls were meant to stay at home and embroider useless things and not know about sex and somehow snare themselves husbands – or something.   Meh.   Like I fucking know.   But boys – boys were meant to go to school and learn latin and play war games and grow up to be fine, upstanding men.   Epic fail there for me on that last point – but you get the idea.

Anyway, at this one school there was some ‘capture the flag’ kind of game that was a total fad with us for a while – the only cool thing to play between classes.   Battle plans, hand-to-hand combat, kids playing at war which, believe me, could get as black and blurred as the real deal.   It finally got banned there after a minor skirmish on the field ended with one little budding psycho trying to impale another with the pointier end of the flag, and the potential victim protesting with a near fatal kick to his opponent’s head.   Now that was fun.

What you’re actually meant to do in those situations is cry “Pax” – but it’s a fucking fallacy, as any schoolyard soldier knows.   Peace is the surrender call of a loser who can see the end is nigh, not the mutual call of noble rivals to cease fire.   Pax is not doves and white flags: it’s a strategic move to save yourself, retreat and regroup for the next game.


Now – I’m not saying I called Pax, right?   But a gesture of peace did cover a multitude of sins the other night; firstly and literally when Harm went out for frozen vegetables to hide my swollen (and rapidly healing face), and then later when I had to call Kane’s mom and explain he was staying over.   He’d gone without a word by the time I got up the next day, Harm is still offended I didn’t tell her about the whole thing earlier, and right now the Cat is looking resentfully at the sloppy bag of thawed peas that’s still on the bench.  

Me?   Fuck – I’m left trying to work out exactly who made off with the white flag there.

And I’m not saying he’s called Pax, right? – but Brix has been very quiet since his failed ambush the other night.   Very very quiet.

And that’s raising a red flag right about now.





  1. You know, sometimes, i tend to forget my disbelief regarding your current state of being (undead). It’s your attention to detail that makes your blog so believable, sometimes. 🙂

  2. To Blackredbluefire – Whether he’s dead or alive, a teenager or an old man, I don’t give a shit. So long as he keeps entertaining me and writing an effin’ addictive blog, I believe every word he says.. Besides, it’s best to walk on the side of caution don’t you think =D

  3. hahahaha agreed2x.. 😉

  4. I’m with Ordanik there.

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