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This is stupid.   I’m standing here at a strange door with the Iphone and a pair of knitted bed socks in my hand, running errands for a little old lady.   Who’s younger than I am.   Long story

Daisy is clearly determined to defy the whole ‘vampires don’t congregate’ thing.   She’s still naive enough to cling to your cuddly communal ideas about family and friends…

You know why you lot all gather people to you in your lives, don’t you, boys and girls?   Parents to establish your origins, children to help you be ‘immortal’, siblings for comparison and competition, friends to give you a sense of meaning and self-worth.   You use these people so you can understand your place in history, know yourself definitively, and defeat death.   Right?  

Selfish, isn’t it?…

So you get why we don’t need it.   We have all that sorted.   But Daisy hasn’t let go of unnecessary old habits yet – and has developed a fucking disarming way of talking people into doing shit for her.   Thus – she’s gone off to a ladies’ club poker night, and yours truly is delivering red and blue striped woollen socks as a thank you present to some guy called Dwayne who carts away her leftover dead bodies for her.

Whatever.   Pretty sure the dude is already looking at me right now – the peephole in the door has gone dark…   Let me just dangle the enticing bed sock bait in front of his eye, and we’ll see what I can catch.

Here, Dwaynie Dwaynie…





  1. I’ll never stop liking this! *two thumbs up*

  2. you are the best of the best!

  3. … catch a tiger by his toe…

    • If he hollers, let him go… so he thinks he’s getting away, then bite him until he shuts the fuck up…

      Aw shit. Now I’m hungry.

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