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It was just a simple text.   Failed to send when I tried to reply.   Unknown number.   Probably just a joke gone astray.  



It reads:

Three’s a crowd. What begins
with a trick is sure to end in
April showers, love. One to
keep, one to let go, one to die.
Be a wise fool – I’ll be asking


Nonsense, right?

Unless it’s not a wrong number.

Unless it’s not a gag.

Unless it’s Amelia.


And then it’s not funny at all.





  1. Nothing about Amelia is funny!

    Riddle me this?! Is the 3’s a crowd referring to you, Daisy and Dwaynie?!

  2. She sent you a nightmare. Frack!

  3. It’s Amelia..But you can handle anything.

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