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Saw you swimming.

Irresistible voyeurism of the smooth wide sheet of glass
Overlooking the smooth wide sheet of water.  
Unnaturally blue and virginal – until you
Ripped violently into it.   Feet tearing up waves,
Arms cleaving sleekly through the pristine surface.  
Even when you paused for breath, the ripples were
Still restless and uneasy and would not settle.

Found the unlocked side door.

Wet changeroom floor, cold aqua tiles, jagged
Concrete corners.   Too easy to fall down, slice open,
Bleed out.   Tragic accident, they’ll say –
And try to dampen their fucked-up gladness
At the useful drainage holes in the floor…

Waited for you.

The air was moist with heated shower steam and the acrid smell
Of pool water.   Cleansing, soothing – then slick and swift.  
For when you drowned –
It wasn’t in blue.





  1. Why this reminds me of a scene from my favorite movie and also to not got to the pool again

  2. *shudders*

  3. You make murder sound so poetic.

  4. In a brief moment of death I’m reminded of why I need to live. Breathtaking.

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