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Saw you sleeping.

Gentle rhythm of
Inhale and exhale,
Air escaping and then
Being drawn back
To sustain life.
The art of breathing:
Fascinating because

So I sit on the edge of the bed and watch.

Even the pressure of the room
Seems to ebb steadily
As the quiet, delicate,
Mystical transformation
Of oxygen into
Carbon dioxide takes
Place – unseen save for
The rise and fall of
The fine, organic machinery’s
Outer casing.

And I think:

With me there is no
Give and take.
Above fire,
Beyond water,
Below earth:
And air flows
Around, not through me.
In this atmosphere
I displace,
I disrupt;
I take, only.
You respire and expire.
Whereas I stop breath and life –
And I never stop.

Certainly not
Tonight, anyway.

And tomorrow? 

Don’t hold your





  1. incredible poetry/ musing. i like

  2. Scared to swim. CHECK. Scared to garden. CHECK. Scared to sleep now, thanks a lot! CHECK 😉

  3. I’m sure your elegant words will slip, crawl and creep into my nightmares tonight. Thanks Jonathon.

  4. So you really do watch ppl when they sleep! I asked u on ur formspring thingy if u stalked ppl like edward and watched them when they slept…and u said it was an “act of fine dining” and not an “act of love” and then u wrote a poem about it…awesomeness.

  5. Love the whole theme.I don’t even bother reading anymore. There isn’t a book out there that keeps wanting more. And also keeps me looking over my shoulder. You are the BEST!

  6. Is it bad that I wish you were talking about me? It is, isn’t it?

  7. I’ll stop then.

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