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Don’t you fucking love sitting outside the principal’s office?  

Having been summoned, of course,  by the voice of doom over the loudspeaker…  

“Come forth from thy science class, oh sinner, and face the wrath of Mrs. Keech.   Cower and kowtow before she for whom the whole school must tremble…”

Yeah. yeah.  

Thing is, though – this time, I have no bloody idea what I’ve done.   With Brix now gone and Harm seeing this Claudia girl and a weekend catching up with Kane, it’s been quiet since we got back from break.   So I’ve been pretty well-behaved at school lately.  

For me. 

And take it from me – there’s no fun in anticipating punishment for petty wrongdoings when you can’t work out what the fuck you’ve been caught for.   There’s the office woman pretending to sort files and eyeing me suspiciously, and two girls who are waiting to make cheerleading rehearsal announcements are giggling and whispering behind their hands in that corner near the pot plant.   And I’m looking cool and nonchalant and lounging on the vinyl-covered excuse for a foyer-couch, typing away on my Iphone like I don’t give a shit.   Like I don’t give a shit about that really bad thing I’m about to get into trouble for.

Which I don’t.

But fuck.   I want to fucking know what the hell it is.   I mean – yes, I’ll admit I have been on just a little rampage or two recently, but there’s nothing to tie that back to me.   So what…?

Huh.   Here’s Mrs Keech.   Let’s find out.




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